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About Uveitis

In this section, you or a loved one can find out more about uveitis, as well as links to other information. Being informed is an important first step towards becoming an active decision-maker in your care plan.

What is uveitis?

Uveitis is caused by inflammation of the eye. Inflammation is the body’s way of responding to tissue damage, germs or toxins.

In uveitis, the inflammation can occur in many important structures of the eye, including but not limited to, the choroid, the retina, the vitreous, the ciliary body and the iris.

Uveitis is not one disease. It is a group of conditions all characterised by irritation, swelling and damage to the different tissues of the eye. Early diagnosis and treatment of uveitis are important. Uveitis can be serious and may lead to permanent vision loss.

Types of uveitis

The type of uveitis depends on the location of the inflammation in the eye.

  • Anterior uveitis (also called iritis): the most common type of uveitis – occurs in front of the eye (the iris and the ciliary body)
  • Posterior uveitis : occurs in the back of the eye (the choroid and retina)
  • Intermediate uveitis : affects a clear gel within the eye called the vitreous  humour
  • Panuveitis: uveitis of multiple parts of the eye.

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